What do you do?

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I have recently been asked, “What do you do?”  The short answer is whatever it takes. The long answer is I do a complete exterior and interior inspection of second homes.  These inspections are individually customized for each home and usually have between 50 and 75 inspection points.  I also do snow plowing October thru May.  I pull customers out of ditches and snowbanks.  I do lawn care. I do landscaping.  I have done carpentry and wood floor installation.  I have done small plumbing repairs.  I have coordinated contractors for all kind of repairs, including frozen water pipes, frozen sewer pipes, plumbing repairs, and furnace repairs.  I do alarm response 24/7.  Tree trimming for fire mitigation and better views.  I have accepted and retrieved packages.  We manage and clean short term rentals.  I have taken pictures for realtors and insurance companies.  Almost any need you may have, I can either do it for you, or find a qualified , licensed, insured contractor to get the job done.  If I can help you, give me a call.  719-839-1213

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